This rad couple just got married in 38 countries, also they’re acrobats

Planning a wedding is a fun, stressful, exciting time for any couple. But what about planning almost 40 weddings? Newlyweds Cheetah Platt and Rhian Woodyard are doing just that, and they are using the opportunity to travel the world.

Platt and Woodyard got engaged last year, and decided that the whole “one-day celebration” wasn’t for them. So instead, they’ve been trekking around the globe and holding weddings in destinations from Columbia to India, and everywhere in-between.

“A lot of women spend a whole lot of money on their one day, and then it’s over,” Platt has said about the journey which has spanned 83 countries. “I love that I get to marry [him] over and over again.”

Woodyard feels the same way: “It was exactly what I wanted, to travel the world with my wife and marry her again and again and again in so many different ways. That was perfect for me”

To fund the trip, the couple turned to Honeyfund, a site that allows couples to register for honeymoon experiences rather than the traditional store registry. The couple is ordained, so they can perform the weddings themselves wherever they decide they’d like to. How awesome is that?

But here’s maybe the coolest part: Both Platt and Woodyard are professional acrobats, which means the photos are absolutely incredible! Check these out.

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