This couple gave birth on the freeway because the traffic in LA was THAT bad

If you don’t live in LA, and have never lived in LA, you probably read this headline and immediately went “WTF.” If you do live in LA or have ever lived in LA, you probably read this headline and immediately went, “yeah, yeah. Call me when something SURPRISING actually happens, HelloGiggles.” Like, Los Angeles traffic is LEGENDARY, ya’ll, and not in a good way. If you’ve never been in the Los Angeles area when President Obama is visiting, for example, you’ve never truly suffered, to be honest. But one couple found themselves in the most dire situation any Angeleno could imagine.

About to have a baby… and gridlocked on the 101 freeway. Um… who’s gonna option this horror film?

Amaan Lowman and Angela Rembert, new to LA from Detroit, hopped in the car to rush Angela to the hospital when her water broke. On their way, they got trapped on the 101.

Amaan Lowman, however, is apparently the chillest man on earth (sorry, windshield snake man), and unlike most of us who start screaming at literally nothing when stuck on the 101, he coolly called 9-1-1…

…and was talked through successfully delivering his daughter IN THE CAR off of Melrose and Normandie. A TRUE HERO.


Congratulations to the happy couple — both mother and baby were deemed healthy, and rushed to the hospital when Lowman managed to flag down an ambulance to help them. The baby’s name is Leighton Lowman, she weighed 7 pounds and 9 ounces, and she will for the rest of her life win at the “two truths and a lie” ice breaker game.

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