This couple is expecting “twinblings” because they’re pregnant at the same time

And now for some news to totally warm your heart… A lesbian couple is pregnant at the same time, and it’s the cutest thing ever! Makeup artist to the stars Toby Fleischman and her wife Lindsay Lanciault made the announcement via Instagram their twinblings are due in the summer, and are just three weeks apart.

But, this totally wasn’t planned…well, sort of. In an interview with PopSugar, the couple explained that they planned for Fleischman to get pregnant first. But, ran into a few complications while trying to conceive. The couple then focused on Lanciault conceiving. While in the midst, Fleischman discovered she was pregnant in November, and Lanciault found out she was expecting a few weeks later.

And we can bet that the beautiful couple’s twinblings are going to be attached at the hip straight out of the womb!

So freaking adorable!

The officially, the soon-to-be-mommies are experiencing “parallel pregnancies,” and according to what USC fertility specialist Dr. Kristin Bendikson told PopSugar, they’re not all too common. Typically lesbian couples focus on one partner getting pregnant at a time. And that’s what makes Fleischman and Lanciault’s conception story so special!

We can’t wait for more updates on the growing family!

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