This couple let their dog be their wedding videographer (and she nailed it)

When Addie and Marshall Burnette got married on a snowy mountain top in Roan Mountain, Tennessee, they wanted their Siberian husky, Ryder to be part of the ceremony. Addie and Marshall are clearly our kind of people. (Dog people!) Ryder was there, you guys. And she wasn’t just a member of the audience. She was the wedding videographer!

With a GoPro strapped to her back, Ryder recorded the entire experience, from the bride waking up on her wedding day to Ryder’s gleeful romp through the woods to Addie and Marshall’s first kiss as husband and wife. My favorite part of the video might be when Ryder walks through the diaphanous tulle skirt of Addie’s wedding gown. The whole thing is just so dreamy and magical. Somehow the dog captured the tenderness of the occasion in a way that a human couldn’t. We get a little more teary-eyed every time we watch it. (Which is a lot of times.)

According to the video’s caption on YouTube, Ryder even edited the video herself. Although, Marshall is actually a filmmaker. So we’re thinking Ryder had a little help. Still, we want Ryder to record all our fave moments from now on. You’re hired, Ryder.

[Image and video via YouTube.]

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