This couple broke up in Burger King’s Instagram comment section, and it was intense

Love in the age of social media can be a fickle thing. What did she mean by that emoji? He was the first to like my Instagram. Does that mean they like me? The dating game has not only become more challenging, but relationships are now more open to the public because of social media. One couple proved that point when they broke up by commenting in a Burger King Instagram post.

No, it’s not the most ideal form of terminating a relationship. But when Instagram user Shannon Boyd saw a fishy comment from her boyfriend Jordan on Burger King’s post of a simple fast food breakfast, Shannon decided to settle the score right then and there.

Jordan decided to joke about how long his girlfriend took to order at BK the night before:


But, lo and behold, Shannon saw the comment and interestingly enough, couldn’t remember making a Burger King stop that night.


Shannon tagged a friend for reinforcement after requesting that Jordan answer his phone. In lieu of a phone call, Jordan answered his girlfriend with another Instagram comment.


Instagram user kitcass01 joined in and asked not to be involved. But Shannon was not going to let her get out of this easy. She went on to call her a myriad of names (yikes!) before ending her relationship with Jordan with this zinger:


After this comment thread went viral thanks to The Chive, some Instagram users became suspicious of its validity. Was this all a hoax? We may never know.




Other Instagram users simply wanted to start a dialogue with Burger King about the Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch. Which, like, fair enough.


Real or fake, this BK breakup is garnering a lot of attention while demonstrating the dangers of social media in the world of dating. For Shannon and Jordan’s sake, we hope this is all just a prank.

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