This couple staged a genius photo shoot with their dog to get people to stop asking about babies

If you’ve ever been married, you know the first question people ask when you get back from the honeymoon (or sometimes even before you walk back down the aisle):

Soooo, when are you having kids?”

It comes at you from all sides. Mom. Dad. Grandma. Aunt Sue. Random strangers. When you think about it, having children is a really personal decision and not something anyone should be pressured to discuss, much less pressured into actually doing. But what do you do? There’s got a to be a better way than blurting out, “It’s none of your beeswax, Mom!” over Thanksgiving dinner. (Yeah, we don’t see that going over too well. Pass the gravy.)

Well, one couple with the best sense of humor in the entire world found a great way to handle things. Matt Kay and Abby Lee staged a special photo shoot — you know, the kind that picture newborn babies in all sorts of romantic settings like a field of flowers or in an old-fashioned baby carriage in the woods instead of, say, giggling while tossing a fistful of baby food at the camera (which would actually be a super adorbs picture if you think about it). Except the “new addition” in Matt and Abby’s dreamy photo shoot wasn’t a baby. (Not a human one, anyway.) It was their new puppy, Humphry.

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