This couple hosted an awesome themed wedding for the good of their autistic son

Bryan and Brenda Miller have been married for ten years. But they decided to have a second wedding. . . because their son couldn’t remember the first.

Since 10-year-old Tyler wasn’t born yet when his parents were married, he wasn’t able to be at his parents’ first wedding. And, as a result of his autism, he doesn’t believe anything he doesn’t see with his own two eyes, which means he never believed his parents were really married. “Even though he’s seen pictures, he doesn’t actually think we’re married,” Bryan told WBTV.

So Bryan and Brenda decided to renew their vows, but not in the traditional way. They decided to honor their son by having the wedding at his favorite place: the North Carolina amusement park Carowinds, in October, when the park gets its Halloween on and becomes “Scarowinds.” So the Millers went with it, and made theirs a zombie-themed second wedding. Radio station Kiss 95.1 was holding a “Zombie Wedding” contest on their morning show, and Brenda’s entry was the one that nabbed big prize.

“The story really moved us, so we wanted to recreate the moment,” Roy Brown, one of the hosts of the show, told WBTV.

Not only was Tyler granted the ability to see his parents get married so he could believe it, but he was surrounded by a spooky and awesome celebration. “I do not remember any stuff when I was young and I’m actually glad to see it now, so I can remember it,” Tyler told WBTV.

On Friday, the family got together in front of all their loved ones and said their vows again — but this time, surrounded by ghouls and goblins. . . and a very happy Tyler. “Tyler is such an awesome kid, and just to see him light up. . . Just to see him be here around all these scary monsters, he loves it,” Roy told WBTV.

But Tyler wasn’t the only one to love his parents’ second wedding. “Hitting ten years with all the struggles couples go through, especially with a special needs child, this was a special moment,” Brenda explained.

The celebration may seem totally strange, but it’s a life-changing one for Bryan, Brenda, and Tyler. Tyler has seen his parents get married, and now he can truly understand and celebrate his parents’ commitment to one another. “Now he’s seen it, so now he knows,” Brenda told WBTV.

I know zombies are supposed to be scary, but I’m crying over here for a totally different reason. What a wonderful way to celebrate your love while helping your child in the sweetest way possible. Congratulations to Bryan and Brenda for their 10 years together, and for Tyler for experiencing this very special moment.


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