A county in Arkansas misspelled Hillary Clinton’s name on an early voting form, and, come on guys

Given that we’re almost at the end of the election cycle, you’d think that every official would have learned how to correctly spell the names of the presidential candidates. But, le sigh, that is not the world we live in friends.

Cosmo let us know that Hillary Clinton’s name was misspelled on an Arkansas County ballot, and that’s a pretty big OOPS!

Alright, so if you’re one of those people who knows the #1 misspelled word in your state, or the 10 most common misspellings — you’re probably asking the question: How could this happen? And how did they spell her name?? In a vote-by-mail ballot, an absentee voter discovered her name was spelled: “Hilliary.”

Yeah, it’s not THAT offensive. Just an extra “i” thrown in there. Still, the obvious solution would be to reprint the ballots without the error, but apparently it was too late for that. Here’s what Lonoke County Election Commission member Jimmy Wallace told Arkansas News:

"If it had been three, four weeks out from the election, we’d have reprinted, but we didn’t have that luxury. I’ve talked to numerous people (after they voted) who didn’t even notice it being misspelled, so I don’t see it being a big problem."

It’s sort of true. In the rush of voting, we might not have noticed either. NBD. Except…here’s where it gets dicey. Apparently one voter complained that her name had been intentionally altered to include the word “liar.” Commission Chairman Jerry Shepard said the misspelling was “an honest mistake,” and in this crazy election, we don’t know what to believe.

Weirdest news you’ve read so far today? We think yes.

H/T: Arkansas News

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