Could You Use some ‘Ahh’ (And Cats) in Your Life?

I moved apartments over the weekend and lemme tell you, it was not fun. If you’ve moved, you know. If you haven’t, you aren’t missing much. Once the move was over, want to know the first thing I did? Went to the store and bought two 12-packs of Coca-Cola (they were on sale). I kid you not. I actually did this. Ask my roommate Jake. There is something so calming about Coke. It was like, once I had that can in my hand, the stress of moving had washed away. I sat down on our messy floor and said “Ahhhh!”

It’s no wonder Coca-Cola is launching their Ahh Effect campaign, because that is truly what Coke does for me. The Ahh Effect is exactly what makes nothing else quite like a Coke. They’ve even gone as far as owning every single form of Ahh online. Yup. That’s right. They’ve secured every URL from to www.AHHHHHHHHHHHH + 50 (that’s 63 Hs in total!).

What else makes me go Ahh? That’d be Cat Memes. About a year ago, I interned at an ad company in Sydney. And all too often my boss would hear my chuckling over a cat meme I found online. I love cats so much, on my last day my boss gave me a card covered in cat memes she had printed from the web. For real, though! I dare you to look at a cat meme and not absolutely lose it!!

Which brings me to what exactly Coke is doing with all those URLs. On each page you will find different interactive games and experiences crafted to give you that Ahh feeling. So if you’re sick of trolling the web for entertainment, look no further than or or You get it.

Two of my personal faves would have to be Cats in Boxes and Cat or Not?

The first can be found at Which is exactly what it sounds like. Cats climbing in, on and around Coke boxes. The videos play along to this mesmerizing techno beat. When you’re done with one gif, you hit meow and a new one appears.

The second is a bit more interactive. Cat or Not ( requires skill and focus. Photos of cats and things that aren’t cats flash across the screen. You have to determine which are cats and which aren’t! This one if a bit harder to master, but I’m working on my technique. It becomes an entertaining challenge that can last for hours if you want it to.

As a college student, with the weight of graduation on my shoulders, there is nothing I can use more than the chance to relax. I’m sure you could use some Ahh time, too. So why not crack over a can of Coke and take some time to figure out what makes you go Ahh?

We have collaborated with Coca-Cola to test out the Ahh Effect. All opinions are my own.