Could Nutella Be the Next Hot Commodity?

Gloria Steinem defended a very pregnant Kim Kardashian against the “fat-shamers” out there, the world tried to make sense of the current situation with North Korea, and a man called 911 – on himself.

If that’s just the tip of the WTF iceberg this week, then prepare yourself for impact because it’s time for “The Week In WHAT?!

Behold the Power of Nutella

When your heart desires the luxuriously creamy combo of chocolate and hazelnut, your brain kicks into overdrive as you plan your attack on the nearest jar of Nutella. If you know the feeling, then you can probably sympathize with an unidentified group of crafty thieves that lifted over five tons of the popular Italian spread in central Germany. Of course, with a $20,000 price tag, chances are these bandits have other plans in store for their loot. Never leave your Nutella unattended!

Hide Your Teeth, Hide Your Gums

If just the idea of a visit to your local dentist gets you worked up into an uncomfortably clammy sweat, then brace yourself. An Indianapolis man walked into the Amazing Family Dental clinic for a routine procedure to have three teeth extracted but left without any teeth in his mouth. Christopher Crist, the autistic 21 year old patient, claims precautionary pain medication made him loopy as the work began and that the DDS continued pumping his gums full of numbing pain. The family plans to file a complaint with the state of Indiana. As if going to the dentist wasn’t already a traumatic experience…

Freedom of the Press… or Whatever

When it comes to journalism, the protection of one’s anonymity as a source of juicy intel is becoming a hot button issue. The United States Department of Justice regulates using subpoenas against the press. Nevertheless, a Fox News reporter now finds herself in the mix of the story after sharing details from an anonymous source while covering the trial of alleged Aurora, Colorado shooter James Holmes. The defense attorney believes Jana Winter’s source violated a protective order. Failure to reveal who leaked the information could land Winter in jail. As Voltaire, Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben and other great philosophers often say, “with great power comes great responsibility!”

Dogs Do the Darndest Things

You never know what goes on in the mind of a dog! This German Shepherd named Millie has dreams of playing baseball in the big leagues – or maybe she simply loves to fetch. Either way, if Hollywood decides to revamp the Air Bud movies, Millie is a shoo-in for the part after showing off her skills while her owners watched a televised game. Check out her moves:

And there you have this week in “WHAT?!” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for humanity next!

Image via NBC News