Today in cookies: Cotton candy Oreos are coming!

Oreo has undergone a total renaissance these last couple years by essentially deciding to channel all of our favorite flavors and desserts, our hopes and dreams. To do this, Oreo has worn many delicious (and maybe not-so delicious) hats, including birthday cake, marshmallow crispy, watermelon, cookie dough, berry burst ice-cream, mint, peanut-butter, red velvet, s’mores, and now? COTTON CANDY.

That’s right. Cotton candy. Pink and blue sugar that’s been spun to look like giant wads of cotton balls and melts in your mouth, turning tongues scary-purple. Obviously, we have some very pressing questions. Are cotton candy Oreos really necessary? If so, where can we purchase them? Do they taste like fun? Will eating them make us feel like we’re at the circus or state fair?

We sure hope so.  Instagram user cookie0man (the same person who leaked a photo of red velvet Oreos) uploaded the only evidence we have so far of this glorious hybrid:

The Verge estimates that it’ll be a few months before we’re able to get our hands on these sugary treats. Message to Oreo honchos: Hurry! We need, we need!

Images via, Instagram