This is how much it costs to visit “Westworld” in case you were curious

After last night’s premiere of HBO’s Westworld, we were left MANY questions – but if you want to stay as ignorant about the future of the show as Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is about her own existence (and any potential spoilers) then stop here.


Okay. So there is ONE VERY BASIC (among the other hundreds we have) question we have about Westworld right now.

How much does it cost to visit the Westworld theme park?!


If you are as immersed into Westworld as we are, then we’re sure one of the questions you had during last night’s premiere is how much are these “rich assholes” actually paying to run wild and “go evil” in this wild west meets Pleasure Island escape?

The answer hasn’t been revealed on the show (yet), however, if you dig a little deeper on HBO’s highly immersive Westworld site (, then you can find an answer.

When you visit the site, there is a little pop-up chatbot named “Aeden.”


This Westworld site is actually meant to treat you like a ~real~ potential visitor to the theme park.

And here’s what happened when I asked the question, “How much does it cost to visit Westworld?”


The Answer? Well, it’s probably A LOT more than you could’ve even imagined.

$40,000…A DAY!!!


Goodness…and that’s just the ~starting rate~ apparently. What the heck else experience can you get for MORE money we wonder? Are there discounts for multiple day stays? I mean, if you recall one of the tourists said he “went straight evil” for the “best two weeks of his life” so….

I also decided to ask “Aeden” a few more questions like, “Where is Westworld?” The answer was vague AF.

And I also asked if I would die if I visited Westworld, to which it responded “No”…in a very roundabout way.


Guess we also now know the “one rule” about Westworld!

We still have a ton of other questions though, like where exactly is Westworld? Who is the lady in the photo Dolores’ dad found? Who resets Teddy on the train everyday? What is the man-in-black (Ed Harris) up to? And why the heck are Soundgarden and The Rolling Stones playing on a player piano (does it take requests from guests)?

Clearly we’re just TOUCHING the surface of Westworld and we can’t wait to see what else this crazy show has in store!

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