This is how much it costs to go to Hogwarts (that’s a lot of Knuts)

School is expensive, you guys. Not only are there the necessary supplies to buy each year, but then there are textbooks, along with other outside costs for class projects, plus buying a broomstick and a cauldron. Oh, this is Hogwarts we’re talking about, but yeah, real school is expensive too. However, it’s nothing compared to how much it costs to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Thanks to one very clever writer who clearly aced his NEWTs, we now know just how many Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts it would cost to attend Hogwarts. Mic‘s Kevin O’Keeffe consulted three big things to figure out this answer: interviews with J.K. Rowling, Pottermore and the Internet, naturally. Thanks to these three things, he was able to figure out everything Harry purchased heading into his First Year.

He tallied up everything purchased at Diagon Alley for school, combined that with a rough estimate for tuition, and then converted that number to the American dollar. That is, after first tallying the galleons, and converting that to the British pound, and then, converting it all to the American dollar. I know this is summer, so thankfully O’Keeffe did all the math for us.

Final answer? To attend Hogwarts for one year, it’s will cost roughly $43,031. Do you realize how many chocolate frogs that could buy instead? Like, close to a billion. That’s also just the number for Harry’s first year — that’s not including anything he might need for an elective class later on, like Divination or Care of Magical Creatures.

So if an education at Hogwarts is in your future, start tucking some Galleons away at Gringotts. Then again, you can never put a true cost on the Hogwarts experience. That’s priceless.

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