Um… People believe this Costco photo is evidence that time travel exists

The science world EXPLODED in February with the news that a group of astrophysicists brought us one step closer to time travel by, as the Daily Beast explained, “recording the gravitational waves of two black holes slamming into each other 1.3 billion light-years away.” WHAT?! Crazy. But now, redditors are convinced time travel is already happening all around us, because we have photographic evidence.

Here’s the story. A dad was strolling along with his adorable son in Costco. His kiddo was rocking a neon green, collared shirt with matching plaid shorts.

He then noticed this older man in the background wearing the EXACT SAME OUTFIT AS HIS SON:



“I guess I know what my son will look like in 70 years…” wrote the dad, to caption the above masterpiece. 

Redditors furiously began trying to explain the photo. One wrote, “Some quantum universe Benjamin Button shit right here. All universes cross at Costco.” Another is just thankful that their worlds didn’t collide: “We’re just lucky they didn’t notice each other. The fabric of space time would have unravelled in an instant.”

Someone else suggested that, actually, he should have confronted the man: “Go up to him, hug him, and say ‘I love you too son.’ He will act like he doesn’t know you to preserve the space time continuum but you’ll know he knows.”



The best explanation, though?

“Probably OP’s [original poster’s] son from the future, reliving the happy moments of his childhood.”

(Awww. So cute.)

David Spergel, a theoretical physicist from Princeton University, told the Daily Beast that we are at least 50 years out from any tangible developments in time travel, but we can still dream, right?

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