Over two million people have viewed this cake in the shape of a Costco. We have no words.

There are two types of people: people who, when their dad asks them for a Costco cake for his birthday, go and pick one up from the buy-in-bulk superstore, and those who see the opportunity for a really good joke. Reddit user sk2d was the latter. Instead of running to the store and picking up any old cake, she got a cake specifically in the shape of a Costco. When she posted the prank on the Internet, it went completely viral.

In fact, it went so viral that the image has over 2,137,924 views on Imgur and some great comments, like “You just dad joked a dad,” and “Those shopping carts seem small for Costco.” (Good one, guys!)

The cake itself is pretty perfect. It has the signature Costco colors and logo along with trees and a parking lot. If you look closely, you can even see the little entrance and exit.

Now, this Costco-shaped cake isn’t actually from Costco. It was really created by Susy of Simply Sweets, a Canada-based bakery specializing in cake and cupcake design. This just makes the cake even more impressive, what with the detail of a Costco receipt being used as the card and the dedication to getting the brand’s trademarks exactly right.

We’re sure it tastes as good as it looks, although it would be hard not to feel like Godzilla as you cut it into slices. Luckily, no Costcos were harmed in the consumption of this dessert, so feel free to grab seconds.

(Image via Shutterstock, Imgur)

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