Costco is selling new avocados that last way longer than those regular old avos

Most of us (including Antoni from Queer Eye) can agree that avocados are super delicious. That’s why cutting into one only to find that it’s all brown and gross inside is so heartbreaking. But what if there was a way to avoid that entirely? According to a new report, there are now avocados at Costco that last longer than the ones we usually buy at the grocery store, and if they’re as magical as they sound, this could be a major game-changer.

According to BuzzFeed, Costco will soon carry avocados coated with an additive that is said to double the shelf life of the fruit by making it ripen more slowly than ordinary avos. The additive, which is made by Apeel Sciences (backed by Bill Gates), is created by mixing a powder made of different plant-based fats with water; it stops the fruits from oxidizing and losing water so quickly — causing them to last longer and reducing food waste. It has a “generally recognized as safe” designation from the FDA.

These fancy, life-changing avocados are distributed by Del Ray Avocado Company and will be sold at Costco for $5 for a bag of five, which is honestly not much different than the price you would pay at any grocery store.

Apeel claims that its coating can help avocados stay yummy two to three times as long as a regular avocado would, which extends the amount of time you have between picking up your groceries and making guacamole and avocado toast and all the other delicious recipes that use this superfood. Just in time for the Fourth of July.