Here’s how much it would cost to live in the IRL “Gilmore Girls” house

If you’re in the process of packing your bags right now, be sure to pack a lot of cold weather clothing — and you’re packing because you’re moving to Stars Hollow, Connecticut, right? Right now, that idea sounds like the BEST idea in the world, and it might actually be one that’s totally achievable. Trulia has just released a list of how much it would cost to live in the Gilmore Girls house, and friends, if we all all pitch in like $10 we can totally afford it.

According to their retail know-how, Trulia estimates that Lorelai and Rory’s house would only set us back about $445,000, which is a steal considering how much we’re going to love living in this house (is the Chuppa included??).


If that’s out of our price range, then there’s no way we can afford Sookie and Jackson’s digs. Their three bedroom, two bath house would go for about $685,000 today. But hey, price is no object when you want the best for your three children, right?? And besides, you know this house has a killer kitchen.


If it’s just you (and maybe your bad-boy nephew) you might be more interested in Luke’s studio apartment above the diner. Know this price does not include the diner, so you’ve got to purchase that yourself some other way. But, Luke’s bachelor pad will run you about $171,000 (and over the last nine years, someone has to have bought this, because Luke and Lorelai live together, right?).


There’s one last location that Trulia looked up, and it’s Lane’s apartment. With one bedroom and one bath, will you be able to fit all your band equipment inside? Might be tight, but it’ll only set you back $165,000.


Good thing you’re packing your bags right now, because we’ve got some homes to check out in Stars Hollow. See you all at Luke’s!

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