Graduates at this university get into some serious cosplay for their graduation ceremony

Tired of wearing the traditional cap and gown to your graduation ceremony? Well, graduates at this university get into some serious cosplay for their graduation ceremony, reported Teen Vogue. Our only question: Where do we sign up?! Cosplay instead of the standard caps and gowns?! Genius, right?!

The dl? It happens at Kyoto University in Japan. Come graduation day, students can choose whatever costume they’d like to wear. Honestly, why doesn’t this exist everywhere?! Then again, there are so many options, how do we even begin to choose?

Do we go as a character from Star Wars? Or as Pokémon? Or as Poké stops?! (Hint: When you click on each of the below, you can translate them into English!)

And, hah! Don’t you love the guy looking at these guys like, “What the…?!”

One student went as Queen Amidala, and her mother spoke to BuzzFeed News.

“When my daughter was in high school, she learned that the graduation ceremony at Kyoto University looked very fun, so she chose to go there," she said.

We bet (read: hope!) the girl had other reasons for choosing the university, too, but that’s DEF a big perk.

“I think there are many opinions on wearing costumes at a solemn ceremony, but as a parent, it was fun to see how everyone — both students in suits or hakama and costumes — seemed to enjoy, “Queen Amidala's mother told BuzzFeed News.

We’ll say! Judging by all the photos, they “seemed to enjoy,” all right!

These students chugged right along…

Other grads, like this one, took dressing up a bit more seriously — he went as a 3D version of his school ID.

And in case you haven’t found Waldo yet, we have! Fun fact: He’s aka “Wally” in other parts of the world!

Of course, no cosplay would be complete without people dressed as characters from Star Wars, amirite?!

And this guy DEFINITELY gets our vote for “Best Hair”!

And we’ll leave you with these battling pencils.

We still cannot get over everyone’s creativity — and the fact that this is even possible at a university graduation ceremony! In case you’re wondering, dressing up is NOT mandatory, but we’d completely be into it. How about you?