There is apparently a correct scientific angle for The Dab and now we know what it is!

If you’re good at math and bad at rhythm and are *mumblemumble* years past your last math class but still want to know the perfect way to do “The Dab,” your day has finally arrived. Thanks to the hilarious Twitter user Anicca, all you need to remember to nail the popular move is that a squared plus b squared equals c squared.

The hysterical (and brilliant) woman decided to work out exactly how to “Dab” and share it with the rest of us so we can all live the dream and have mathematically sound dance moves.

In the first photo, Anicca and a friend are making a serene-looking body of water cooler by association by performing The Dab … and then she posts the photo with a triangle drawn along the impressive angle of the move, complete with X/Y axis labeling and scratch paper to show that she did, in fact, do the actual calculation.

The verdict? Your Dab should be 31.70 degrees (plus or minus some trigonometry stuff thrown in that we don’t remember what it means but maybe you do).

Of course, some knuckleheads tried to out-math Anicca, but she shut them down like a boss, using the word “superfluous” to prove she is also amazing at English.

And we weren’t the only English nerds who were loving her response.

Who says geometry and trig will never come in handy again after high school? Obviously you can put your smarts to good use next time you’re at the club.