8 Classic Corinne moments from “The Bachelor” that gave all of us life

She was controversial, for sure, but on Monday night when Corinne was sent home after hometown dates, many of us realized that we were actually going to miss her. Corinne was a one of the “you either love her or you hate her” contestants that pop up every other season and drove a lot of action on what could arguably called The Most Boring Bachelor Season Ever. And there are so many Corinne moments from The Bachelor that will help you understand why, at the end of the day, Corinne is a hero.

Corinne did what many contestants have trouble doing: She secured her spot in The Bachelor franchise for seasons to come the moment she decided to wrap herself up in a trench coat and bring whipped cream to one of the first cocktail parties.

Corinne maybe came for love (she didn’t), but she definitely came to play the reality TV game. And she is winning. She’ll definitely show up eventually on Bachelor in Paradiseand judging from stalking her Instagram account, she’s definitely getting a little more than 15 minutes of fame from the whole ordeal. Like, it will probably be more like a half hour, and for The Bachelor contestants, that’s a lot.

Corinne was pretty epic this season and kept all of us from dozing off during Nick and Danielle M.’s dates (seriously, the WORST).

Here are some of the highlights:

She missed a rose ceremony.

Who does that? No one. Although many viewers and the other girls on the show were annoyed about that, we applaud this move. How long can a woman be expected to drink champagne and faux fight/bond with a bunch of strangers on a TV set? Corinne saw through the BS and did her. She didn’t always miss a rose ceremony, but she did often retire for a little shut eye. High five.

She holds her own.


The whole ‘Corinne describing herself as a husk of corn’ is worth watching in full. Sure, it’s absolutely ridiculous and funny and likely champagne-fueled.But what’s more interesting is when she says, “I’m starting to get the feeling the other girls don’t like me.”That’s an awful feeling but she does exactly what you would tell you BFF to do if she said a bunch of women at work were blowing her off: ‘who cares? ‘ This show isn’t about finding a new friend. It’s about getting as much screen time as possible. Corinne was just fine on her own.

She wasn’t shy about her shopping.

Yes, she spent $3,423 on an outfit for Nick, but let’s face it: he needed a wardrobe update. Short-shorts and turtleneck sweaters? Please. Even better, she didn’t go on some fabricated adventure or heartwarming visit to her office. (If all of these girls love their careers so much, why do they leave it for 3 months to go on TV in the first place?) Think about it: it was much more honest to say, “I work from home, I have Sunday dinners with my family sometimes, and I usually wander around the mall for entire afternoons when I want to.”

She wasn’t shy about The Game.

People gave her a lot of grief for interrupting the other women every other minute early on to get Nick. But she was just doing what the contestants are supposed to do. She even tried to teach the others. She said, “We are all here for the same reason, I cannot stress this enough. It’s gonna get uncomfortable, it’s gonna get crazy, it’s gonna get weird. But you have to get used to this.” YAS.

She gave it her all.

Corinne sneaking off to Nick’s room to try to seduce him was one of the bolder moves she made — apart from taking her top off in the pool, maybe. Let’s not forget that Nick REJECTS her. Even though she hates automatic doors, she had to do her own little “Walk of Rejection” on camera, in front of all of us. That’s hard to come back from.

She takes advantage of the perks.

Not only did she take multiple naps and bubble baths in her downtime, but Corinne was not shy about taking advantage of ABC’s perks. You have to respect that room service spread.

She won’t participate.

Let’s be real, sometimes the dates are just awful. Like when they had to milk cows. When dates were stupid, Corinne just peaced out. She is not here to do things she doesn’t want to.

She’s done.

Corinne’s rant about how she’s done worshipping the men in her life was probably her proudest moments. All the women say that they “learn something” from this experience, but maybe she actually did.

Love her or hate her, Corinne dominated this season. Get yours, Corinne. See you in Paradise.

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