Here’s a corgi wearing a mermaid tail who is single-handedly making the world a better place

Sometimes, it’s necessary to take a respite from all the worldly gloom and doom that bombards us on a daily basis. Luckily, there’s a corgi wearing a mermaid tail that seems to innately understand how badly humans could use a mental escape at the moment. We’re guessing animal intuition has a role to play here because every time we reach peak struggle mode, one of these naturally charming pups with the cutest begging faces in the land swoops in out of nowhere to lift our sagging spirits.

Recently, there was a propeller hat-wearing corgi that helped restore color to our near-blackened hearts, and it looks as though he’s passed the torch to a new partner in this ridiculously cute dog-fish hybrid.

Too stinkin’ cute!

So, we’re guessing one of two things is going on here. This corgi is either A) flawlessly executing a homework assignment it received from one of its mermaid school classes because becoming Ariel IRL requires the student’s 24/7 commitment; or B) this is a rental costume so the pooch can see if wearing a mermaid tail to this year’s Corgi Beach Day (which is happening soon, btw) is actually feasible. The other pooch in the video might’ve offered some advice if he wasn’t so busy trying to be all normal and play fetch in the water.

Either way, all the other adorable corgis around the world should definitely take note because this dog has the look, the fashion, the mermaid skillz, the side-eye and the theme song to catapult it to official Cutest Corgi on Earth status.