Here’s a corgi wearing a propeller hat, because dogs wearing hats are just too friggin’ cute

Fact: Dogs are so charming that it hurts. For real, guys, we can barely make it through ViralHog‘s 21-second video of a corgi wearing a propeller hat and a bandana without getting neck cramps from squeeing so hard. Let’s just say if there was a CorgiCon happening right now, this dog would be a total hit. Leave it to one of these sweet-faced animals to push the limits of our daily capacity to withstand cuteness, because GAH (!), we don’t know how much more cuteness we can take.

If you thought corgis had the cutest begging faces (another undeniable dog fact), then you will absolutely lose it over this canine’s “Oh-yeah-I’m-totally-werking-this-hat-bitch” facial expression. Seriously, Britney would be proud.

It’s clear that this Corgi’s slayage is on level 10 right about now, but we still have a few pressing questions.

For example, who taught this dog to pose and work the camera like this? As far as we know, America’s Next Top Dog Model only exists in our imagination. We’re guessing it just comes naturally, since this isn’t the first time we’ve seen corgis mesmerize us with their on-camera gazes.

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Also, what was going through this corgi’s mind at the time of this video shoot? We imagine its internal dialogue went something like, “Can I possibly be any cuter?” or maybe, “Don’t forget to get my left side cuz it’s the best side. Kthxmuah.”

Then again, Cute AF Corgi’s thoughts could’ve been of a more serious, contemplative nature, perhaps something along the lines of, “It’s unbelievable how much perspective you gain when standing on top of a hill overlooking the city. *sighs* Isn’t life something to behold?”

To answer that question, yes, corgi. Our lives are full of wonderful things to behold, especially your ridiculously adorable face.