Here is a corgi dressed as a stormtrooper, because Monday

As I’ve written before, I’m pretty obsessed with dogs — and as a writer for the Internet, I’m especially obsessed with corgis. Turns out, the only thing cuter than a corgi is a corgi in a costume; and lucky for us, Winston the White Corgi is here to deliver.

In a video posted to YouTube on Saturday, the Insta-famous pup showed off his Halloween chops with his very own custom-made stormtrooper costume — and we’re totally in love. In the video, we get some excellent close-ups of Winston’s incredible costume, which is definitive proof that this dog can cosplay with the best of ’em. The whole thing is very epic, if not particularly scary — making Winston the least intimidating stormtrooper of all time.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens just around the corner (45 days and counting), the video has us even more excited than we thought possible. Combine it with Neil Patrick Harris’ family photo from Halloween, and we’re in Star Wars heaven.

Check it out for yourself below. The fluff is strong with this one — and we think a costumed corgi running around in slow motion is the perfect way to combat the Monday blues.

(Image via video.)

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