This corgi puppy just can’t handle this mini pumpkin

It’s October, and we all know what that means: Pumpkin everything! Lattes, cupcakes, Oreos… (Yes, Oreos. Get on that. They’re yum.) Also, actual pumpkins. (Oh yeah, almost forgot those were a thing.)

I, for one, am in love with everything pumpkin. Bilbo the corgi puppy (that name! Our hearts!), star of a precious video on YouTube, disagrees. In a really big, really adorable way. He’s not a fan of pumpkins, apparently. Not even tiny ones, as we can see by watching him take on an innocent mini-pumpkin in the video.

What is the pumpkin doing that’s so intolerable, you ask? Um, nothing. It’s a pumpkin. The gourd just sits there and reminds everyone it’s time for sweater weather. And pretty fall leaves. And candy corn.

But Bilbo isn’t having it, guys. He yips. He pounces. He bites. He tries his best to terrorize the mini-pumpkin with his most threatening puppy moves. (Which aren’t threatening at all because he’s so darn cute.) Even his most serious side-eye has zero effect on the pumpkin because it’s, you know, inanimate and all.

Nice try, Bilbo. RESPECT.

[Image and video via YouTube.]