Here is a corgi dressed up as every Doctor from ‘Doctor Who,’ because Halloween

It is a truth universally acknowledged around the HelloGiggles office that I’m obsessed with dogs. Canine appreciation is pretty common, but my love for dogs is infinite and excessive — and at times, it can be a little embarrassing. Whenever I see a cute pup on the street, I elicit a bizarre half-squeal and immediately have to befriend it. When Doug the Pug came to visit the office a couple weeks back, I turned into a puddle of tears and joy. Cute things just really get to me — and oftentimes, those cute things just happen to be dogs.

Of course, because I work for the Internet, I am especially fond of corgis. It’s hard to go anywhere around the world wide web without stumbling across a few — and luckily, they’re pretty darn great. You know what’s even better than corgis, though? Corgis in costumes. You know what’s even better than corgis in costumes? Corgis in Doctor Who costumes, of course.

Lucky for us, it turns out Instagram-famous pup Wally the Welsh Corgi is quite the Doctor Who fan — and who can blame him? As one of the longest-running television shows of all time, there’s a whole lot to love. (Except Weeping Angels. There is nothing lovable about Weeping Angels, and they will probably haunt my nightmares forever.) Earlier this week, Wally teamed up with Mashable to make a video that takes us on an adorable journey through all 50+ years of Doctor Who — and unsurprisingly, it was all kinds of adorable.

In the video, Wally dresses up as each of the 13 Doctors; scarves, hats, bowties, and all. Wally even has his very own cardboard TARDIS! It’s the cutest refresher on Time Lord fashion that we’ve ever seen — and trust us when we say we’ve seen a lot.

Check out the video for yourself below.

(Image via video.)

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