How to copy Jessica Simpson’s daughter’s glam spring look on the cheap

There are many things we love about toddlers: how bouncy they are, how funny it sounds when they say literally anything and how freaking fabulous they look when they wear sunglasses. Case in point? Jessica Simson’s daughter Maxwell Drew who just beat all of our spring fashion goals with a selfie and some fabulous sunnies. Spring is the season of more, more, more and this is seen in prints and accessories that are loaded with everything floral, including sunglasses. Maxidrew is inspiring us with her oversized pair of sunglasses that are finished with sparkling floral embellishments along each side.

Whether you live somewhere sunny (hello, Los Angeles) or not (we’re looking at you, New York,) you can still use some sunglasses to add some extra dimension to your outfit. No one will see when you roll your eyes and you’ll still look put together! We especially love these embellished ones because they’re so fun and perfect for the warmer months. The only downside? Buying sunnies like this could cost you some major cash. The best option? To make some yourself! Yes, really, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Instead of spending upwards of $500, you can just customize your glasses to fit what YOU want. It’s fun, pretty easy and it definitely won’t break the bank.

Pair your sunglasses with a messy pony, puckered lips and a vintage tee to nail the Maxidrew look. Extra points if you selfie!

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