These cops hilariously RSVP’d to a teen’s party on Facebook

If you’re going to do something illegal, it’s probably best not to advertise it publicly on social media.Some Canadian teens learned that lesson the hard(ish) way — and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police proved they aren’t above having a little fun on the job.

Police officers in Saskatchewan, Canada, got a tip about a party being hosted for college freshman. The drinking age in Canada is 19, meaning most of the students in attendance would likely be underage.

Instead of just busting into the party, though, the cops took some creative license with their crime-fighting tactics and posted a not-so-subtle warning on their Facebook page.

Like any polite Canadians, they first thanked the students for inviting them to the party — to be fair, nobody is sure if the police were actually invited, although if they were, the student responsible can probably kiss his or her social life goodbye for at least the next year — and offered to bring treats. Their contribution was “chips and salsa and a choice of possible charges for the party goers” along with their corresponding fines, including $250 for littering, $360 for underage drinking and $1050 for providing alcohol to a minor.

To seal the deal, they even posted a photo of one of the officers holding a bowl of the promised chips.

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