Someone called the cops about an “illegal” slip-and-slide, and cops promptly played on slip-and-slide

In an effort to thwart their neighbor’s Fourth of July festivities, one curmudgeon called the cops to report that an “illegal” slip-and-slide had been placed in the middle of the road. Police responded to the slip-and-slide complaint but couldn’t find any issue with the DIY water slide. In fact, the cops thought the idea was genius, and decided to join in on the neighborhood fun. Honestly, we would have done the same.

Katlen Joyce Smith, a resident on the slip-and-slide street, told ABC News that she couldn’t believe it when Officer Carrie Lee asked for a garbage bag to wrap herself in so that she could ride the slip-and-slide.

"But she took off her radio and went for it!" Smith said.

After Officer Lee had her fun, her partner, Officer Joe Jones, took his turn on the slide. He wasn’t able to fit into the garbage bag, but a neighborhood boy offered Jones his raft, and they took off down the hill as co-pilots.

Plus, Jones unknowingly set a street slip-and-slide record.

"He was the only one that made it all the way from the top to the bottom," resident Travis Eagledove told ABC News. "It was the best slide from the three days of it being there. That was the only time, even out of the all the adults and everybody, that’s the only time the inner tube made it from all the way to the bottom."

Jones’ butt may have gotten wet, but that’s a small price to pay to set a neighborhood record.

The videos of Officers Lee and Jones slipping and sliding with the neighborhood kids have gone viral, and Smith summed up the experience perfectly. She later wrote, “I still can’t handle the amazing-ness of it all!”

We can’t handle it either! This is the epitome of a feel-good story.

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