A cop and a little girl got caught rocking out to Taylor Swift, and we’re obsessed

I bet by now, every time you hear Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” on the radio, you just want to shake your radio to make it stop because it’s JUST. TOO. CATCHY. Just try listening to  “Shake it Off” and NOT get it lodged in your brain for ten hours. It’s also kinda impossible NOT to sing along and get your groove on, and that can totally be exemplified by this Dover cop who got caught blasting T-Swift on duty via his dash cam (it’s OK dude, we all love Taylor) and a little girl just chilling in her carseat.

According to USA Today, Taylor Swift saw the video of the cop getting down to Tay’s sick beat and was totally into it. She tweeted, “LOLOLOLOL THE SASS.” Watch all the sass go down right here:

And we can’t forget this little cutie!

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