Today is Appreciate a Dragon Day, so let’s get on that shall we?

So there’s some big news. There is a dragon appreciation day, and today is that most important of days. That is right, today is the official Appreciate a Dragon Day and I am ready to appreciate some dragons.

Dragons have come a long way since their menacing, burning-the-village-down days — honestly, some of our very favorite dragons are of the lovable and not-terribly-scary variety. In Chinese culture 2015 may be the Year of the Sheep, but we are hardcore honoring the Day of the Dragon.

Let’s begin shall we?

Fast dragon facts:

The origin of the dragon can be traced all over the globe, but they’re especially popular popular in European and Chinese cultures.

Different cultures have different names for their dragons . . . sorta obviously ’cause, like, different cultures use different languages. In case you find yourself abroad (or in another era) needing a quick dragon translation, here’s your lexicon:

Chinese: lung/long

German: drache

Hawaiian: kelekona 


Klingon: lung’a’puv (that’s right, even Star Trek)

Latin: draco (no wonder you’re so slithery, Draco Malfoy)

Middle Earth: anguloce, ramaloce, uruloce (thank you, J.R.R. Tolkien, for Elvish)

Old Englishdraca, Middle English: dragon, dragoun

Polish: smok

Slavic: zmey gorynych

Swedish: drake, lindorm

And with more dragon appreciation, here are some of my favorites in the order that I’ve gotten to know them:

Dragon Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

This whole situation used to terrify me and my younger sister. The music! The thorns! The crazy green fire Maleficent breathes at courageous Prince Philip!

We used to scream in tandem at the line: “Now you shall deal with me, oh prince, and all the powers of HELL.” Of course, back then no one ever said the h-e-double-hockey sticks word.

Devon and Cornwall from Quest for Camelot

Have you seen this movie? The high-spirited heroine, Kayley, is on the hunt for Excalibur so she can save King Arthur and Camelot from dark-hearted, Ruben. She’s accompanied by Garrett and the conjoined dragons, Devon and Cornwall. They might get sick of each other, but we never get sick of them.

Mushu from Mulan

Thank you, Eddie Murphy, for voicing Mushu and filling our childhoods with important life lessons and even more important belly laughs.

Dragon from Shrek

Shout out to one of the only female dragon in the group. ALSO, not only do Shrek and Fiona find love, but so do Donkey and Dragon. <3

Many, many dragons from Harry Potter (Shout out to Norbert/a)

Draco dormiens numquam titillandus.

The Dragon from Beowulf

If you didn’t have to read Beowulf in school, it’s awesome. Beowulf defeats monster after monster until, in his old age, he comes across the dreaded draca — aka dragon. There’s a movie version of it too, but do yourself a favor and read the masterful epic poem by the unknown author.

Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion from Game of Thrones

We’ve watched Dany’s dragons grow through the seasons, from cute, little spitfires to large, menacing beasts. They will be sure to bring shenanigans in season six.

Honorable Mentions:

Puff the Magic Dragon

Narissa from Enchanted

Who is your favorite dragon? And take a little dragon appreciation time today. Dragons are seriously the best.

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