15 cool Halloween costumes that we can promise no one else will be wearing

Showing up to a Halloween party and seeing someone else in the same costume as you is the worst. It’s almost as bad as having the same prom gown as another girl. This year you want to think outside the box. You want to dress up as something no one else would think to dress as. We’ve got you covered. Here are 15 cool Halloween costumes no one else will be wearing.

And if you do happen to see someone in the same costume, then they must have read this article too and you two can bond over your love for HG. It’s a win win for everyone. Okay, here we go:

1Composer Busts

Grab the gang and call dibs on your favorite classical composer. We call Bach!

2The Invisible Man or Woman

This costume requires some crafty construction using pvc pipes, wire hangers, and fishing line, but the result of your efforts is definitely worth it. Learn how to make this costume here.

3Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob SquarePants

Howdy, y’all! It’s just little old me, your favorite under-the-sea squirrel from Texas.

4Jaq and Gus Gus

Just be sure you and your BFF steer clear of any pesky Lucifers who may be prowling around Halloween night!

5Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”

Your couples’ costume will be the only couples’ costume that matters at the Halloween party.

6Jack and Wendy Torrance

Then again, this The Shining-inspired couples’ costume might also leave people speechless — or terrified. Either way, it’s a winner.

7Space Jam‘s Tune Squad

Just hope you don’t run into the Monstars while you’re out, otherwise you’ll have to defeat them in a basketball game and end up missing your party — it would be a mess.

8Mojo Jojo

Everyone always dresses up as the Power Puff Girls. But what about Mojo Jojo? Is he just chopped liver?

9Lizzie McGuire and Miranda

We can’t hop off the nostalgia train just yet. Load up on the hair accessories and watch everyone at the party freak out over your cleverness.

10A Floating Severed Head

Our eyes are bugging out of our heads right now.

11A Game of Thrones Child of the Forest


The oldest species in Westeros, and certainly not a myth, this Children of the Forest costume blows your regular elf or fairy costume out of the water.

12Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice

Her part may have been small but she still remains one of our favorite movie characters of all time.


We love succulents and cacti so much that we just want to be them. Bonus points if you can transform yourself into Aloe, Graptoveria Titubans, or perhaps, the queen of all succulents —


We didn’t realize a taco costume could look so chic and now we’re questioning our entire fashion sense.

15Black Sheep of the Family

A rebel without a cause. A farm animal without fences. You do you, black sheep.

We hope you got inspired to think outside the box this Halloween. There’s no better feeling than absolutely nailing your Halloween costume — and promise us that you’ll take the pictures to prove it.