Cookie rumor: S’mores Oreos, there’s nothing more to say

Oreos appear to be pulling out all the cookie stops right now. Hot off the deliciousness of red velvet Oreos (WHICH YOU CAN BUY RIGHT NOW, GUYS), there seems to be another cookie flavor coming to the block: s’mores Oreos. Graham flavored cookie ends, and what appears to be chocolate and vanilla insides. Oh, where have you been all our lives, s’mores Oreos?

There’s not a whole lot of information to go on, besides the lone picture of the S’mores Oreo packaging, first posted to Twitter by someone claiming to be an employee of Oreo’s distribution company and later retweeted by Darren Rovell, a sports reporter who seemingly has a passion for all things Oreo. The Impulse Buy picked up the tweets and now claims that these delicious cookies will hit the shelves come April or May. Bring it—with some milk, please.

We’re psyched if this rumor turns out to be a truth that ends in our stomachs. But let us not forget all the weird flavors Oreos has gifted us with through the years like Root Beer Float, Candy Corn, and the winner, Birthday Cake. (Let’s all try to forget orange-flavored Oreos shall we?) And not to be all greedy, but if Oreos is taking suggestions for even more cookie flavors, can I suggest something coffee-flavored? Thanks!