Cookie Monster learning to ‘resist’ cookies is the only life lesson we need

I have a lot in common with Cookie Monster. My number one love is cookies, my flesh is furry and blue, and I get a little hangry when I’ve gone too long without enjoying one. (One of those things isn’t true.)

That me-want-cookie nomming rage he exhibits at the end of his scenes on Sesame Street? I’ve been there. So. Many. Times. Which means, I can totally feeeeeeeel his trouble comprehending the word “resist.” “Me have no idea what word ‘resist’ mean,” he says unapologetically to special guest Sir Ian McKellen. Naturally, Sir Ian takes a different route, attempting to explain what the word means in the context of cookies. “Now you speaking me language!” Cookie Monster excitedly claims.

Cookie Monster resists for a long time, but eventually . . . well, watch for yourself to see what happens.

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