Two Too Good: Both Cookie Monster and cute kittens parody ‘Too Many Cooks’

Can’t stop, won’t stop! As the Internet eagerly awaits the return of Smarf and hopefully another earworm meets eyeworm from Chris “Casper” Kelly, parodies of ‘Too Many Cooks’ have begun popping up. In a twist just strange enough for the show Sesame Street fans and cute kittens have parodied the viral phenomenon. The Pet Collective tapped right into the sweet wholesome look turned visual nightmare with ‘Too Many Kits’ and, in the most surprising turn, Muppet fans Tough Pigs, take Cookie Monster and cut together footage to create ‘Too Many Cookies!’, a less jarring parody. Hopefully this will hold us over until Adult Swim surprises us with similar madness. Until then, enjoy these:

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