Here’s how to cook a steak in a dishwasher, if you’re into that sort of thing

Why dine at some stuffy, expensive steakhouse when you can just cook a steak in a dishwasher? No, we haven’t taken a spill and bumped our heads. We did, however, fall down a YouTube hole right into this eye-opening video that walks us through this most unconventional method of steak preparation and, honestly, we have some, er, reservations.

First off, we happen to think ladies deserve to be taken out to dinner for steaks, so this idea is kind of a bust straight out the gate. It’s more like an example of what you don’t do when preparing steaks, except for one minor detail: IT ACTUALLY WORKS. Sort of.

Yeah, we know — it’s quite baffling, but let’s process this together. First off, the creative culinary master in the clip begins by inserting a vacuum-sealed rib eye in the dishwasher (nevermind those dirty dishes sitting alongside it):

The next step is to set the steak to wash-cook at 122 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes. After removing it from the dishwasher-oven, remove the plastic wrapping and dry the meat by dabbing off excess moisture with a napkin.

So, we have to keep it real: This next step makes us feel like we’ve been had because culinary genius person places the dried steak in a pre-heated cast iron pan and sears the meat in olive oil on high heat — wait for it — ON TOP OF A STOVE.

We do have to admit that after smacking it up, flipping it and rubbing it down some salt and pepper, the final steak looks really good. Now all we need to do is find someone who’s willing to let us experiment with their well-maintained dishwasher.