9 creative conversation starters for when you see a cutie at a Fourth of July party

It’s the Fourth of July! Which means #goodvibes are all around. No doubt your social calendar is pretty full of parties, BBQs, and all sorts of fun activities to enjoy with friends, fam, and hopefully a new crush or two. Gatherings like Fourth of July parties are one of the best places to meet a special someone because everyone’s super relaxed and having fun. But what happens when you get tongue-tied as soon as you spot a hottie? Not to worry — we’ve got you covered with some no-fail conversation starters.

Creating a fun spark with someone new and having a great conversation is not only a great way to spend your evening, but you never know where it will lead. Perhaps a summer love, or something more? You’ll never know if you don’t at least take the chance.

It can be hard to strike up a convo when you’re shy or anxious about how to break the ice, though (especially with someone who gives you butterflies). Which is why we reached out to some dating experts to get their choice convo starters so you can create your own fireworks.

To help get you get started, Laura Bilotta, dating expert and author of Single in the City: From Hookups & Heartbreaks, To Love & Lifemates, Tales & Tips To Attract Your Perfect Matchsuggests that your tone “should always be light, friendly, and fun.”

She told HG, “Especially at a BBQ or celebration, it’s all about positive interaction. Don’t be too suggestive or sexual because you’ll probably be around family and friends and you don’t want anyone to become uncomfortable.”

Also, when speaking to someone, Bilotta says body language is important. “It’s really important to read the other person’s vibe and respond accordingly. If they’re turning away from you, crossing their arms, not making eye contact and giving one word answers then those are all signs that they’re not interested,” she said.

Got it? Good. Now go get that cutie and try one of Bilotta’s conversation starters.

She suggests:

“What’s your best Fourth of July memory?”

“What’s your favorite thing about Fourth of July?”

“In honor of ‘the pursuit of happiness’ I just had to come and say hi.”

“Watching the fireworks won’t be any fun if I don’t get to sit next to you.”

Shannon Tebb, matchmaker and dating expert, says that it’s important to get on your cutie’s radar using your natural charm and joie de vivre. “Happy people are the most attractive,” she said.

Her top convo starters?

“Am I only the one who is not wearing red, white and blue?”

“Thank goodness I’m not the only one stuffing my face with all this amazing food.”

“Wow, you really stand out! That is a great outfit.”

“Is this your first time here? I came last year and it was the best time ever.” Or conversely: “This is my first time here. Have you been here before? I’ve heard great things.”

“Are you one of the organizers here? Because it seems like you are running the show!”

These conversations are simple and sweet, and hopefully they’ll ignite some sparks for you. And when in doubt? Make eye contact, smile, and simply introduce yourself. Sometimes it’s the most basic approach that takes things to the next level. Happy Fourth!

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