Contestants of this reality show were left in the wild MONTHS after the show was cancelled

Contestants of the British reality TV show Eden were left in the Scottish wilds MONTHS after the show had been cancelled, and WTF!?

Filming for the British reality TV show Eden began in March of last year. Since then, the world has changed quite a bit, whether that’s the election of Donald Trump, the advancement of Brexit, or missing the phenomenon of Stranger Things. However, for the contestants of Eden, not only will they have missed all that, but they would have also missed the fact that the show that they signed up for hasn’t been on air for months.

The show began airing in July, and was sold as a social experiment that would see 23 contestants return to the basics and attempt to build a self-sufficient society without technology and modern appliances.

Unfortunately, only four (!) episodes of the show were actually aired on British TV channel, Channel 4, covering March, April, and May. What’s more, due to reports of jealousy, infighting, problems with insects, and hunger, 13 of the 23 contestants also quit the show, while TV viewers were left disinterested after just four episodes (the show dropped from 1.7 million viewers to just 800,000).

As The Guardian reported last week, despite not being on the air since August, the remaining contestants of the show were not informed that their social experiment hadn’t been aired.

According to a statement released by broadcaster Channel 4, contestants from the show have now left the 600-acre estate on the Ardnamurchan peninsula, Scotland, and returned to their normal lives.

"The appeal of Eden is that it was a real experiment and when filming began we had no idea what the results would be and how those taking part would react to being isolated for months in a remote part of the British Isles," they said. "That’s why we did it and the story of their time, including the highs and the lows, will be shown later this year.

Despite the fact that the show hasn’t been aired since August of last year, it was reported by The Press and Journal, a local paper in Aberdeen, that the show’s producers had applied for planning permission for a second season.

It’s unclear when (or truly if) Eden will indeed return to screens.

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