Why this woman might be the kindest ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant ever

Sometimes, winning is only fun when it’s shared, but even we’re impressed by the generosity shown by this Wheel of Fortune contestant last night. Nura Fountana, a veteran, appeared to purposefully give incorrect answers so her fellow contestants, including another veteran, could win some extra cash.

Pat Sajak, who’s hosted the show since 1983, has seen a lot over the years, but even he was thrown off by Fountana’s answers. For instance, she suggested letters that were pretty much never going to be in the word they were guessing, like X and Z. Sometimes, she didn’t give any suggestions at all. This gave Sajak pause, and he eventually had to ask her about it:

Nura: “Sure.”

Sajak: “You called some unusual letters in that round?”

Nura: “That’s what I saw.”

Sajak: “Well that was an unsatisfactory answer… but she’s not under oath.”

The Internet immediately went bonkers wondering why a leading contestant would seemingly sabotage herself. After her alarmingly unlikely guesses, her fellow contestant—and fellow veteran, Steve, won that round.

Although Nura hasn’t confirmed her intentions yet, the consensus is that her puzzling answers were really just one big act of kindness. She didn’t want her fellow veteran to go home empty-handed.

And don’t worry, she still won the entire game (taking home $13,970), and will be advancing on to the next round. It just proves that it pays to be nice, and that you’ll never really lose as long as you’re helping others.

(Image via YouTube)

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