“Constellation ear piercings” are the lovely new trend that will leave you starry-eyed

Just when we thought we’d run out of cool places to get pierced, a new trend has taken over Instagram and left stars in our eyes – and ears. Spotted at Teen Vogue, these adorable constellation ear piercings are absolutely everything. They’re basically like wearing a tiny map of the sky on each ear, and while we’re not sure if they can relieve chronic headaches like daith piercings, it doesn’t really matter because we’re already obsessed with them.

Brian Keith Thompson, the owner of L.A.’s Body Electric Tattoo, recently revealed everything you need to know about constellation ear piercings to Refinery 29, from placement options to exactly how many piercings are needed to perfect the unique, cosmos-inspired look.

“You can take something that you’re not happy with and give it a brother and sister, and…it becomes something that you’re totally stoked about again,” Thompson said about “fixing” off-centered piercings.

He also says the constellation piercings work best with a combination of hoops and studs, which can be seen on these lovely lobes below:

Obviously, these are cute AF and we know you’re tempted to rush right out and get ALL the piercings. However, Thompson advises against getting more than five piercings done at once, and tells newbies to limit their first-time piercings to two or three.

The trend has actually been around for a while, but we totally expect to see more piercing enthusiasts rocking the hell out of this spaced-out look.