Constance Wu’s new pink ombré hair looks like a rose gold iPhone

Actress Constance Wu just dyed her hair pink and the hue seriously looks like a beautiful sunset/sherbet ice cream/rose gold iPhone/pink lemonade hybrid. Once upon a time, dying your hair pink was just called pastel pink, and then it was millennial pink, and now it’s either rose gold or pink lemonade, or maybe rose is out and lemonade is in (???) — fact is, we can’t keep up. Regardless, Wu dyed her hair a rosy new shade and it’s gorgeous on her.

Wu tagged her hair stylist, Ara Ko, in the photo, which led us down a rabbit hole of Ko’s gorgeous hair photos. Ko’s Instagram is a treasure trove of lush, unicorn-color hair, so Wu clearly went to the pink-hair expert for her new dye job. We reached out to Ko because we wanted to know how one could be naturally brunette one day and pastel pink the next. Ko told HelloGiggles that “dark hair must be lightened to achieve a pastel tone” and that “for Constance, the process took eight hours and we lightened her hair twice.”

If you want Constance Wu’s pink hair, Ko said that virgin hair is easier to lighten, and to avoid dyeing your hair even darker before you go pastel. Ko recommended to skip highlights, too, which she says can have the opposite effect on the final color and make the pastel tones “appear darker and less bright.” Basically, have virgin hair, if possible.

Wu uploaded a couple photos with her new hair, and we wonder if it’s for a new role or just for fun? Either way, it’s cute. She accompanied one of the hair selfies with an emoji of a bunny, because Easter? Or springtime. It works.

In fact, her hair looks a bit like the rose gold iPhone, no?


After, we dove into her stylist’s IG page for about, oh, twenty minutes. Beware: If you’re “into hair,” prepare to lose yourself in these pretty hair photos for a while.

Wu’s pink hair is the real deal, but if you already have lighter strands, you could probably pull of temporary pink hair using Kristin Ess’s new rose gold temporary tint spray. Ess apologized that her spray isn’t available for “brunettes or darker redheads,” but says that as soon as she can conceive the product, she “will make it happen.”

The pink hair ~lewk~ continues to be trendy and cool, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. We’re fine with that.

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