We had no idea that Constance Wu is ALSO a magician (with a really cute bunny)

If you’re not familiar with Constance Wu for anything but her work on Fresh Off the Boat, you’re in for a treat. She’s one of the most hilarious, most outspoken women in Hollywood, and you should definitely be following her on Twitter and Instagram. Oh, and you’ll probably also want to know that she has a pet bunny. Yeah, we told you she’s awesome.

In her latest Instagram post, Constance is out to dinner with David Kwong, a magician and New York Times crossword puzzle constructor who gave a TED talk about how well magic and puzzles go together. But instead of letting him show off his skills, Constance stole the show and gave us all a taste of her own magic.

“My new magic trick!!! Approved by master magician @davidkwong,” she wrote.


Holding a deck of cards, she asks David to pick one. She basically ends up grabbing the card out of his hand and asks, “Is this your card?” all the while laughing her head off. If you get through this whole video from start to finish without cracking a smile, you should probably go see a doctor on account of being soul-less. Because as much as we all want to be good at magic, let’s face it, we suck at it. But at least it’s funny to see us try. 

When she’s not busy acting on FoB, protesting for women’s rights, and making us laugh, Constance is known to spend some quality time with her bunny.


We told you. She’s the coolest chick in Hollywood.