Connie Britton’s 5-year-old son is an amazing drummer

Nashville star Connie Britton has lived in Nashville for the last four years, so her 5-year-old son has grown up being influenced by the incredible music scene that surrounds him. That probably explains why, at such a young age, he’s already a talented drummer. When Connie stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, she told Jimmy all about his musical journey.

“Here’s the reason I got him a drum set,” she explained. “Because I got a house with a basement.”

This is a good idea. Nobody who immediately starts drumming is going to produce something that sounds good, so keeping the set in a private area ensures everyone else in the house doesn’t go crazy.

But, according to Connie, that may not have been necessary. “He’s really good at it!” the proud mama insisted. “My kid is good at drums!”

This came to the surprise of most other people around her. Many are skeptical that someone so young could be so good, but Connie is adamant that, with the help of her “manny,” her son is not just impressive, but on the path to greatness. We’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for all he’s going to accomplish!