Connie Britton explains why Tami and Eric Taylor never had an affair on “Friday Night Lights” and her answer is spot-on

Long live Tami and Eric Taylor! Actress Connie Britton explains why her Friday Night Lights character never had an affair and it just makes us want to re-watch the series all over again.

It’s been six years since Friday Night Lights ended, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still on fans’ minds. One thing is for sure, it will forever be in fans’ hearts. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

Despite the fact the show is technically over, Britton, who played Tami Taylor aka the best wife ever, is still not done talking about the beloved series — thank goodness.

On episode two of Entertainment Weekly’s Binge podcast, the Nashville star opened up about her FNL character and why she and Kyle Chandler (aka Coach Eric Taylor) never fooled around on one another. The reason is pretty much why they will always be our ultimate #RelationshipGoals.


“There was so much passion about these characters that we were playing and this world that we were creating. We felt very strongly about the things that we felt strongly about,” Britton explained on the EW Binge podcast.

Those strong feelings definitely showed in the consistency of the Taylor’s marriage and their no-nonsense stand on infidelity.

"We were like, 'We're never letting the writers have us have an affair,'" she explained. "'If they try to do it, we’re not going to do it.' And we told them so."

“What we thought would be really interesting and what we thought this would be the perfect format for on the show was to actually show what most couples go through which is just trying to be partners to each other and get through the day,” Britton continued. “They need each other and they also really love each other.”

The love and compassion that the two characters had for one another is one of the many reasons FNL was such a big success.

"This is a show about very simple people trying to get through their life in a way that feels valuable and meaningful," she explained. "So we decided these two people were going to be partners to each other in that."

We just love the Taylors. They really were the best characters on the football series, don’t you think?

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Oh, and Texas forever!