So, here’s the insane connection between AHS: ‘Murder House’ and ‘Hotel’

Warning. I’m about to drop some major American Horror Story: Hotel spoilers. So if you aren’t caught up, come back when you are. OK? Okay.

So, I think we can all agree that Ryan Murphy and the gang over at AHS never disappoint. Especially when your expectations include intense mayhem and gore, and maybe a little sexy time and a killer (no pun intended) wardrobe. And this week’s episode, “Room 33” had all of that. In the episode, the Countess strolls down the bloodiest Memory Lane ever, and might have ruined babies for us forever. It also connected this season to AHS‘s very first.

If you recall from season one  — before the super-scary, art deco mansion was home to Connie Britton and her gorgeous hair — it was the home of the nefarious Dr. Montgomery. A sadistic doctor to “women in trouble.” Dr. Montgomery ran an abortion clinic from the basement, and it was the scene of its fair share of grisly atrocities.

The Countess from this season of Hotel, was among Dr. Montgomery’s patients in the 20s, and goes to him to take care of a situation that I’m still trying to process. When she seeks out the doctor to take care of her vampire-fetus, things go terribly awry as the Infatata tries to eat a nurse from the rubbish bin. Yikes. Like I said, Murphy and Co. don’t disappoint.

It’s fact that Ryan Murphy himself teased this connection in an interview he gave to Entertainment Weekly in August. He said, “ They’re all connected. We’re just beginning to tell you how they’re connected. They’re all very separate but there’s clues every season that we’re now telling you how the different worlds are intertwined.”

These clues, as Mr. Murphy so coyly puts it, link every season to one another. But the connections can be pretty obscure.  points out other connections between the two seasons: “both constructed in delicious deco style by a man with some very dark plans; both exerting a magnetic pull that attracts notorious killers and victims alike; both infested with the ghosts of those who died there and have nothing better to do than spend eternity tormenting the living.”

Even the realtor who sold that Murder House to the Harmons makes a cameo in the early episodes of Hotel.  There was a lot of fan chatter when AHS announced that this season would be set in LA, and it’s pretty clear that the story is starting to come full circle.

Until next Wednesday, fellow AHS fans.

(Image via FX)