You can customize and mail real postcards to Congress using this website

Demanding action from Congress is crucial at this moment in time—and now, it’s easier than ever to write a letter to your representatives. On the website Congress Cards, you can customize and mail real postcards to Congress about the causes you care about. For just $2, Congress Cards will mail your chosen postcard directly to your representatives’ offices, and for every card sent it will donate $1 to the cause of your choice. So, you’re donating and inciting action with just one click.

Here’s how it works: Congress Cards already has an array of powerful postcard designs from which to choose, and they each illustrate important causes like abortion rights, gun control, and Black Lives Matter. It has cards created specifically about George Floyd’s death and the protests sparking across the country as we speak. Below is an example of one of the new Black Lives Matter designs, reading “No Justice, No Peace.”

Once you’ve chosen your design, you’ll be prompted to enter your address. Then, your representatives’ names will generate, and you can select which ones you’d like to send the postcard to, for $2 each.

For each one of these cards sent, $1 will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Next, you can either choose to keep the sample message Congress Cards has written (which details the actions we need Congress to take), add to its message, or start from scratch and write your own. Once you’ve added your signature, your postcard will be sent to the members you’ve chosen.

If you’d prefer to speak directly to your representatives on the phone, you can find contact information for your House rep here and your senator here.

Protesting, donating, and posting on social media are all powerful ways to make your voice heard by your community and the government. Placing real, tangible pieces of paper with your own words written directly in front of their eyes is an impactful way to make your representatives listen.

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