Congratulations to Tig Notaro and wife Stephanie Allynne, who just welcomed twin boys into the world!

Tig Notaro is one of our favorite comedians. She was famously real about the worst time of her life (she got cancer just after her mother passed away, while she was going through a break-up), and she’s also hilarious (you should seriously consider following her on Twitter, if you don’t already). She seems humble, kind, and grounded, and has a lot of wisdom to offer — so we’re always super happy for her when things go well.

That’s why we want to say a HUGE HUGE congratulations to Tig and her wife, Stephanie Allynne, because they just welcomed twin boys into their family! The babies were carried by a surrogate, as talked about in her documentary, Tig, which came out in 2015.  She shared the big news on social media yesterday by posting a super cute photo on her Facebook page. Here it is:

The caption says, “Max and Finn Notaro arrived happy, healthy and really, really cute on June 26. Fluff has a ton of questions about how long they plan on staying. Thank you everybody for your endless love and support.”

Max and Finn! Those names are adorable. Fluff, of course, would be the cat, and we hope that in time Fluff gets comfortable with the boys’ presence in their lives. We’re sure the new family will be super happy together, and we offer our endless love and support, as well.

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