Congratulations, Kate and William — It’s a girl!

We’re calling code princess, everyone. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (AKA William and Kate, one of the cutest couples of our time) have officially welcomed into the world a baby girl. This is big. Just across the pond, there is a little, baby, British princess just waiting to grow up and melt our hearts for years to come. Congratulations to the happy couple and to the world, because this is pretty exciting.

Here’s the official statement from Kensington Palace:

Kate and William’s newest bundle of joy is fourth in line for the throne and in a cool little bit of royal trivia for you, is the first human to hold the title “Princess of Cambridge” in more than 180 years (the last Princess of Cambridge was George III’s granddaughter, Princess Mary Adelaide, who was born a whopping 182 years ago). With that in mind, it’s no wonder than the people of the UK (and, for that matter, the whole world) are kind of losing it with excitement. A crowd gathered outside the hospital, complete with awesome signs and lots of love for the royal family.

As if being a princess didn’t automatically make a girl important enough, Kate and William’s daughter is also super important, politically speaking. She’s less than a day old and already fourth in line for the throne (behind her grandfather, Prince Charles; her father, Prince William; and her brother, Prince George — yep, her ahead of her uncle, Prince Harry).

No word yet on the baby’s name, but we have to respect the family’s privacy and wait as patiently as we can until they’re ready to announce . Even Dukes and Duchesses are entitled to a little time in the bubble of new parent happiness before sharing everything with the world (although, since Kate was originally due in mid-April, we’d guess they have the name all picked out and that the wait won’t be too long). What’s important now is that Kate and the princess are both healthy and of course, everyone is ecstatic about the birth.

Congratulations, Kate and William!

(Images via here and here.)