Congrats on being a new dad, Tom Hardy!

On the count of three, let’s all say it together… 1… 2… 3… “Congratulations, Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley!”

Just a few weeks after actress Riley first showcased her baby bump at husband Tom Hardy’s Legend premiere, the lovely couple welcomed a new life into the world. There’s been no word on the gender or name of the baby as of right now, but since they met on the set of 2009 TV mini-series Wuthering Heights, maybe they’ll use the classic novel as inspiration? Heathcliff Hardy definitely has a nice ring to it. Catherine Hardy is also rather pretty.

This wonderful news additionally means that the actor’s 7-year-old son Louis (from past relationship with Rachel Speed) has become a big brother. Between Louis, the new baby, and all the dogs Hardy adopts , it seems that he’s developed quite a full family.

Now, let’s get back to the dogs. Because Hardy’s love and excitement for his dogs made it so the actor accidentally revealed he and Riley got married. So, really, Hardy’s dogs started this whole thing. During a 2014 interview with Vulture, the actor mentioned that he and Riley had gotten married. “I’m the finder of dogs, you know what I mean. My missus [Charlotte Riley], she’s like, ‘You’re not allowed to bring another dog back from a job.’ But I’ll always find one. On every job we go on, I’ll either find someone’s dog and look after it, or I’ll take my own dog, or I find a dog and we home it. I do find dogs,” Hardy explained, after discussing film The Drop.

“I brought one back from Brooklyn, actually, from this job. I found a dog there. But that’s it. We have two now at home. Can’t have any more for the moment. And actually, they’re a handful, two. But I love dogs. Like, A LOT. They’re my favorite animal. Ever.”

So, we love that Hardy refers to Riley as his “missus.” We also love that he loves dogs.

BUT, what we love the most is this baby news! Once again, we’d like to congratulate the happy couple on their new addition! Hopefully Hardy’s dogs are chill with this new attention and are OK with sharing some of the attention.

[Images via Shutterstock and Twitter]

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