People are super confused about this Chipotle ingredient

Over the last year, many Chipotle customers haven’t been too happy with the iconic Tex-Mex chain. First, there was the whole food poisoning ordeal at several Chipotle spots. Then the company was sued for falsely labeling the big burrito’s calorie count. And recently, the chain announced it would be raising its prices.

Obviously none of these things are great news for customers.

Well, now customers are even more annoyed with Chipotle for a reason that sort of doesn’t make sense. The company has added a new ingredient to its burritos and burrito bowls, and it’s confusing people. The ingredient in question looks like a straight up leaf off of a tree, and people don’t understand what it’s doing in their burritos.

So the confused people did what confused people do best — they took to Twitter to address the issue.

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The leaf is, in fact, not a leaf that accidentally fell into the burritos, and then Chipotle just like went with it. It’s a bay leaf, which is used for seasoning. Bay leaves are typically removed from the food before serving, but it seems as though many Chipotle employees are forgetting to take them out.

And customers are certainly not just letting it happen.



Luckily, Twitter is an internet place full of diversity, so of course there are people who know a thing or two about cooking and can explain the situation.

The official Chipotle Twitter also offered an explanation for the leaves, as well as some apologies to customers who accidentally almost ate them.

So moral of the story — if you happen to find a leaf in your burrito, just take it out. It was left in there by accident. But Chipotle should also be more careful, because when customers order a burrito, they expect the entire thing to be edible.