People can RELATE to this super confident little girl and her perfect sassy walk

A little girl busted out her Naomi Campbell walk at a local fashion show, and now she’s gone viral for having the fiercest runway swagger in all the land.

This girl stormed down the runway to Beyoncé’s “Diva” (could there ever be a more fitting song?!) and now her video has been shared more than 72,850 times, because who among us can deny the fierceness within when we hear an empowering Bey anthem?

“That’s your runway,” the announcer proclaims, and he is definitely not wrong.

People on Facebook can’t get over how amazing this little girl is, and there have been tons of comments expressing support for her ability to WERK.

Some were impressed by her confidence:



Others could truly relate to her sass:



And some even recalled their own memories of fashion show fame:


This girl is us all.

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